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Fitting in Fitness

Becoming a parent changes your entire life. Obviously, you have a brand-new, little person (or more!) to love and cherish. You learn quickly that things you used to take for granted like sleeping all night and traveling without a lot of extra gear are things of the past. Another thing most new parents learn is […]

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Real Rooms for Real Kids

Parents differ on many, many subjects when it comes to kids. However, if you ask them about the state of their children’s bedrooms, most will heave a sigh and say, “It’s a disaster.” The problem is universal. It is not tied to size, expense or even supernaturally messy children as much as it is often […]

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Who’s Minding the Baby?

As a parent, you are well aware that nothing can replace your own eyes and ears. You are the best baby monitor for your child. However, having a new baby does not mean that the rest of your other responsibilities disappear. You will need your sleep more than ever. Getting regular showers is nice as […]

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