Fitting in Fitness

Becoming a parent changes your entire life. Obviously, you have a brand-new, little person (or more!) to love and cherish. You learn quickly that things you used to take for granted like sleeping all night and traveling without a lot of extra gear are things of the past. Another thing most new parents learn is that it’s harder than ever to stay in shape. While you know that being fit actually gives you more energy to meet the new demands on your time, finding the time to get and stay that way can seem like an impossible dream. Don’t let your fitness fall to the wayside. Get creative and figure out what works best for you.


If you have a new baby or multiple small children, getting to the gym can be as much of a workout as the one you have planned in the weight room. If a child is sick or especially grumpy, you may end up skipping your workout altogether. Many families opt to bring the gym home instead. Spend time researching the best home treadmills for your and your partner’s fitness goals. Vow not to use the treadmill as a makeshift clothing depository. Consider adding free weights and some yoga to round out your dailty routine.


Try to find two daily times where a workout might be possible. Many people prefer to get up early and workout before the rest of the family is up and moving. Others prefer to workout once the kids have gone to bed for the night.  Still others use daily nap time as their chance to boost their endorphins and get their blood pumping. Pick two times so if your first choice is interrupted for some reason, you have a Plan B in place.  Stick with it! Once you’ve been following your new routine for a few weeks, you’ll be reluctant to give it up. Not only is getting and staying fit important for you, think of the great example you’ll be setting for your children.


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