Real Rooms for Real Kids

Parents differ on many, many subjects when it comes to kids. However, if you ask them about the state of their children’s bedrooms, most will heave a sigh and say, β€œIt’s a disaster.” The problem is universal. It is not tied to size, expense or even supernaturally messy children as much as it is often the result of poor design. Bedroom design for kids requires three things: 1) The ability to think like a kid. 2) The ability to put down that picture of a perfect child’s bedroom in the fancy catalog and live in the real world. 3) The ability to do what works for the space you have now – not the space you wish you had.


  • Make a Five Year Plan
    • It’s nice to plan a dream nursery but choose your furniture wisely. Can a dresser double up as a changing table? Can the crib convert to a toddler bed? A twin bed? When planning your nursery envision how the pieces you are choosing can be used over the next 5-10 years. For example, you may love the look of a tall dresser for a baby’s nursery. If you expect to teach your five-year-old to put away his own laundry, that tall dresser is going to be a problem.


  • A Place for Everything
    • Most of us want our kids to take care of their possessions and to keep their rooms fairly neat. Get down on the floor and walk around the floor on your knees. Can your child reach the bar in his closet? Can he reach the things on his bookshelf without climbing? Are their easily identifiable bins for things like building blocks, doll accessories, toy cars, etc.? If not, rethink how your child’s room is organized. It has to make sense and be accessible to him if you want him to keep it neat. Use space under the bed for storage bins. Lower the closet bar so he can reach his own clothing. String a clothesline for art projects. Look at the world from your child’s level and you’ll see all kinds of possibilities.


  • Conquer clutter
    • Clutter is a fact with children. Pick two times a year to spend a morning helping your child declutter their bedroom. It’s especially useful to do this before big holidays and birthdays. Go through everything in the room – start on the floor and work up. Decide what stays, what gets donated and what is trash. If you develop this habit and stick to it, you’ll find it much easier to keep chaos under control.


A bedroom design for kids can be pleasing to you and functional for them with a bit of thought and planning.


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